In Cristiano R’s recent Marca interview, we get to see an updated, more mature young man. He certainly seems to have come a long way from his younger days. It would be nice to have the whole selfish thing put to rest. You see commenters on other blogs talk about him being ‘so selfish’, and I want to ask them if they have watched a single La Liga match this season?

  If they have, then they would see CR playing all over the field, working his tush off to get the ball into space, and launching hopeful balls into the area.  He has his moments when he holds the ball too long and gets triple teamed and loses it, but that’s going to happen to the best players. He gets hard tackled all the time without so much as a peep from the whistle. He just knows, now, that he has to take it all in stride to win back the refs. 

  Incidently, we all saw how he took time to take care of Uj after that tackle. There isn’t another player in any league who would go so far to assure that a player was ok. He has to if he is going to stop all of the negative chatter. 

  It’s a shame that he has built up this reputation.  It’s very hard to break these walls down and he must be seeing that, now.  So, more power to him.  He has a long way to go to clarity and when it all comes together, he will truly be one of the greats.

  So, let’s just hope he doesn’t cry ‘Wolf!’ anymore.

Is there anyone else besides me who wants to see him grow out his silly haircut?


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