As the Window Closes on Winter, Thoughts Turn to Spring…

So Torres is blue…  maybe something good will come out of this for him.  It must have been a difficult decision.  But the move should help his career quite a bit.  He will create additional problems for any defense to contend with, so he should be seeing the ball quite a bit more now.  And with goons like Terry and Drogba looking out for his well-being at all times, no one will touch him.  he should be quite happy.  So, let’s see if he can shake the injury bug and get back to plying his trade in the box.  I can imagine Pepe R. being one of his biggest supporters in moving on to a club that has championship mentality.  ‘Do what is best for your career and your family.’  ‘Es muy bueno para ti y su familia.’

    Real Madrid needs to tighten ship here these next few weeks.  Would really like to see Manu Adebayor open things up and start to put the biscuit in the basket.  He seems to be fresh,and coming from the Prem, La Liga should feel like a country club.  They really need the pressure to come off of CR, Serhio and Xabi and a fast man in the middle should help that.  We just need more nicely weighted centering passes to fall on the feet of the forwards.

    I am currently painting my kitchen cabinets in black enamel.  It’s very glossy and it looks nice, but controlling the gravity drips is difficult.  Am working on my techinque to manage the thick coats that tend to run.  it will come around.  Have quite a bit left to do, but it’s looking good, so far. 

  Wade and his band (Tyler G drums, Alex L bass and Michael L guitar, better known as Limp Ninjas) tried out for the talent show today.  They did their own original – ‘Too Much Lettuce’.  Wade’s vocals were intense and expressive.  He likes what he does and everybody cheered, including the teachers/judges when they were done.  He sang well.  I am proud of him for going for it. 

Allison has a big tournament in Vero Beach this weekend.  I hope the team wins at least one game while they are there.  The results have been so poor for them this year.  After so many years of winning, this season has been demoralizing.  There are quite a few people who are looking at leaving after this season.  We will see what happens.  I know that Al would like to be reunited with some of her former teammates from past years who have moved out of this poorly run Assoc.  We need to form our own football club and start poaching back the players that have walked away. Switzerland FC has a ring to it.  They already make nice red and white unis with big crosses on the front.  Perfect!  And it would diametrically oppose the blue/white unis of Creeks AA.


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