… on the kitchen is slow moving.  Having to jitterbug everything, then paint, while having an operating kitchen is a test of will.  Going section by section, painting the backs of the doors first, while they hang, then removing the doors, empty cabinet, seal openings, jitterbug face frame, jitterbug door, paint door, wait for it to dry, jitterbug out the runs, second coat, wait for that to dry…  clean out cabinet floor, move things out of the way, fix a meal, move things back…  clean endless drips off of the floor.  How did this get so messy?!  I am a clean painter and this has become such a chore.  I’m on day 5 and the weather has been crap so I have had to do a lot of work inside.  Can’t wait for it to be done.

Copa del Rey match up is set.  RM vs. Barca, 20 April, 2011, at Vicente Calderon.  It will only be a few days after Barca visit the Bernabeu.  Can’t wait to see which RM team decides to show up for those contests.  Iker really wants to win a CdR.  I would be so happy for him.  It’s one of the few trophies he doesn’t have.  (does he have a Club WC trophy?)  I’m sure all of the guys want that for him, and each other.  Would really like to see Mou actually coach the guys during those games, too.  He sat on his hands at the Camp Nou this year.  He knows he is on a short leash at the Bernabeu and poor results against Barca will not stand.  He was brought in to beat the Blaugrana and so far, he is falling short of that promise.

Would really like to Arsenal take some points against Barca during the Champions League. 

Charlie Davies to DC United?  Well, ok.  Would really like to have more opportunity to see how he’s coming along.  The guy is lucky to be alive, no less playing professional soccer.

Less than two weeks until pitchers and catchers report!  Beisbol!!!

Allison and Scott are off to Vero.  I miss the little tootie capootie already. 

And… the Limp Ninjas will be performing live at the SPMS talent show in front of a packed auditorium.  Can’t wait to capture the thrilling premier of the newest musical sensation.


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