This is why patience pays when one is watching the closing moments of an amistoso.  One may occasionally be rewarded.  And what a reward it is…  world class tushy… is now my favorite website.  The definition is pretty high and I was able to rewind a few times to get the best possible vantage point for a screen cap.  Still, the base layers are doing too good a job at hiding the essentials.  Iker needs to mix in  few more hours in the sun each week.  He’s downright pasty.  He looks soft, too.  Where Serhio has high def muscles, SanIker is a tad squishy looking and the white skin does NOT help to de-emphasize that.


About dendrobiem

Into: ancient history, horses, dogs, birds, nature, gardening, futbol (soccah!), baseball, hockey, rugby, working hard, buying shoes. Not into: purses, angry people, bosses with inferiority complexes, eating eel, people who abuse their children, people who refuse to recycle because of conspiracy theories, who should team up with the folks who don't buy any organic product because of a news report about some organic labeling being inaccurate. Definitely not into Tr*mp
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