Spring is Forward…

with sunny skies, temps in the mid 70’s, the orange trees are smelling up the place…  daylight savings time is back!  What a gorgeous weekend.  It doesn’t get much prettier here.  Had Saturday off, then worked this afternoon.  Wish I had called out…

RM had a win this weekend, Barca tied, narrowing the differential a tad.  Lyon got a win on Saturday, Lille on Sunday, so that doesn’t change anything.  Lyon currently lies in 3eme place.  Les Dogues are formidable this year.  Les Gones need to step it up these next few weeks if they are to overtake the top two.  They have the pieces…

Scott actually liked the paver/rock design I made in the courtyard.  It’s too bad everything else looks like crap around it.  And it would appear that I severed irrigation pipe when I moved around a bird of paradise last year.  Ooops.  Guess I gotta fix that. 

My heirloom tomato seeds have started sprouting!  I can’t be happier about that.  It’s nice to see that come at least partial circle.  The proof will be when I pick and eat the first one, before an insect or animal. 

Mesclun is also starting to sprout, but I think it may be too late in the year.  Afraid it may all be too bitter to eat when I get around to harvesting.  The kids can just nibble away at it all when it gets big enough, like they do now.  I am really looking forward to a good result with the carrots and San Marzanos.  Onions too.  The scalllions are growing very well, but not the reds.  I may have flooded all the red onion seeds out be accident.  They are the only ones I don’t have going right now.  I lost a couple of cilantro plants by not watering their tiny pots, but that’s ok.  The kids don’t seem to like it that well, anyway.  There is plenty of other stuff to keep them occupied.  

Less birds in the feeders yesterday and today.  The nyjer is getting low, but I have plenty of my main mix to go around.  I am wondering if they all headed north?  The goldfinches showed up very nicely for a few days there.  Chipping sparrows were profuse. I couldn’t tell what other sparrows may have been visiting.  They all look so alike!   

I am having a speedometer problem in my truck and for the last few days I have been registering 115 miles per hour, at an actual 55 mph.  I took a pic on my cell, will find a way to download.  115 just kind of looks cool when you are driving, and the kids enjoy joking about how we don’t look like we are going that fast.  They also tell me to be careful.  So smart of them.


About dendrobiem

Into: ancient history, horses, dogs, birds, nature, gardening, futbol (soccah!), baseball, hockey, rugby, working hard, buying shoes. Not into: purses, angry people, bosses with inferiority complexes, eating eel, people who abuse their children, people who refuse to recycle because of conspiracy theories, who should team up with the folks who don't buy any organic product because of a news report about some organic labeling being inaccurate. Definitely not into Tr*mp
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One Response to Spring is Forward…

  1. itacasillas says:

    hi..greetings from Madridista Indonesia..
    nice to meet you and greetings for beautiful spring in u’country.. 😉

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