Fabrique en Chine

Stupid Wal-Mart was founded by Sam Walton, on the principle that Americans should buy inexpensive American made products. Not soon after he passed away, his son, who was the C?O/president/whatever, decided to foresake his father’s dream and ‘rollback prices’ by buying on the cheap from China. The rest is history. So many people shop at WalMart everyday that Walmart now controls 70% of America’s cash at any given time. And (almost) everything being purchased there is Fabrique en Chine. (made in China for the non French speakers)
 Do we wonder why there is an imbalance and why the Chinese are now experiencing a lifestyle that we were once accustomed to?  They keep getting richer and we are getting poorer.  So, every time we walk into WalMart (I actually haven’t for years), we help China.  We don’t help the Mom and Pop store down the street that was closed down because they couldn’t compete with the Big Brother of supermarkets. 

  The next bad situation that this brings to us is if America decides to start importing Chinese built cars.  With Japan reeling from disaster, what better time has there been for China to launch a cheap vehicle that the WalMart shopper would want to buy?  They will undercut everyone, even Kia & Hyundai. Guess who will continue to get poorer?  We are going poor by buying on the cheap.  Astonishing…

I am so anti-Chinese products, it hurts, but it’s ubiquitous and we are all so used to having it that we don’t realize how prevalent they are.  It’s time to come home and help our own economy.  Just buying American cars would help out immensely, not just cars built in America (toyota, honda, subaru -.-)  So – Read labels!  Educate yourself! Think globally, act/buy locally!  Support America!


About dendrobiem

Into: ancient history, horses, dogs, birds, nature, gardening, futbol (soccah!), baseball, hockey, rugby, working hard, buying shoes. Not into: purses, angry people, bosses with inferiority complexes, eating eel, people who abuse their children, people who refuse to recycle because of conspiracy theories, who should team up with the folks who don't buy any organic product because of a news report about some organic labeling being inaccurate. Definitely not into Tr*mp
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One Response to Fabrique en Chine

  1. itacasillas says:

    you have a high sense of nationalism 😉

    greetings from one of Iker’s fans from Indonesia..I love Iker and Real Madrid 9 years ago..I join in Madridista Indonesia,official of Real Madrid fans in Indonesia..
    nice to meet you,,

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