The All Star Break…

The three ugliest words in the Red Sox language.  The question always remains ‘Will the Sox take their usual post-Break swoon or will they prove us wrong, for once?!’  Like in ’04 and ’07.  Will we, yet again, bow to the Y&nk33s, or worse, the R@ys?  This trepidation is so constant, so familiar.  And this year, we have such amazingly electric bats, but the ‘pen… the ‘pen.  Even the starters are giving me fits.  Lackey (lacking)… Lester (onagain offagain)… DiceK (gonzo)… and I’m afraid to say it for fear of retribution… Waa waa wake wakef wuh wuh wuh Wakefield (aughhhhh) I get so frustrated with the club for hanging on to him.  He’s done.  He’s just not good enough and we march him out there, week after week, like a figurehead.  It’s embarrassing.  He’s Castro in a more colorful suit (oops- a bit too soon for that – sorry) the Queen of England in polyester knit and a boy’s cap.  (You just know she’s a closet Red Sox fan)  What do we do?  Who do we pick up off the wire to carry us into a tight stretch run?  Who is the man who will bring something to this party?

The Washington Nats have been on an upswing recently.  ‘

And the pre-season starts this week.  La Liga pre-season, that is!  The Becksillas reunion is on and fully dysfunctional already.  Still waiting for the epic first hug footage to come across the wires.  Although, I really don’t have access to those wires, someone who does will no doubt provide the rest of us with a gem.  I wonder if the Poshams have introduced Iker to the new baby yet?  ooh it may fill his head with ideas about Sara.  It may not be possible for her figure to accommodate another individual, but if Posh is capable of supporting an additional human life, chances are pretty good that SC can too.  More power to her, I just don’t think that Iker and SC would make very good looking babies.  We’ll just have to see, now, won’t we?



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Into: ancient history, horses, dogs, birds, nature, gardening, futbol (soccah!), baseball, hockey, rugby, working hard, buying shoes. Not into: purses, angry people, bosses with inferiority complexes, eating eel, people who abuse their children, people who refuse to recycle because of conspiracy theories, who should team up with the folks who don't buy any organic product because of a news report about some organic labeling being inaccurate. Definitely not into Tr*mp
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