Espana, Spain, Hispania.   The history of this beautiful country is captivating to me.  You can explore prehistoric cave art, visit a poblat Iberic, or tread the remains of a Roman era villa in search of the spirits of the people who delivered to us the patrimony of this great land.

Regrettably, I have never been to Spain…  I have traveled through England, France, Italy and Greece, but have missed the opportunity to spend time in Spain.  I am planning to visit the country when I have more money and time, hopefully, in the next few years.

Being an extreme ancient history buff, I can spend hours researching and reading about the history, castles and archaeology in Europe.  The sheer beauty and quality of the historical resources of Spain have lead me to concentrate my energy there.

So, in planning this future trip, I have begun to amass the information necessary to create a concise, thorough route to optimize the allotted time and monetary constraints.  I want to be able to go there with the specific purpose of seeing as many archaeological sites, castles and Roman sites as possible.  However, there is also the off chance that I will like it so much, that I feel compelled to stay longer than planned!  I am inclined to these impulsive behaviors.  ADD, dyslexia… be damned!

The Internet has become a treasure chest of information on virtually every topic.  International history and travel are very well represented.  Naturally, there are scads of websites dedicated to Spain.  Annotated, interactive maps, town webpages, and, of course, Wikipedia bring us a glimpse of the quantity and quality of the information available online.  But, one thing I have noticed is a distinct lack of a comprehensive listing of every piece of patrimony, under one domain.  Mind you, I could be missing something very huge.  A place where every site in the entire country is listed, alphabetically, with colloquial cross-referencing capability.  I haven’t seen a site quite like this yet, so it would be helpful if someone were to direct me to this Spanish historical Utopia.  It would save a heck of a lot of clicks.

So, now that I know what I want to see, I would like to create this place.  It needs to be a website where one can easily find every archaeological site and castle, each poblat, that one cova that he or she is looking for.  This would take years to gather, really, but, that’s worth the effort.  It’s a beautiful country, with a rich background, deserving of a reasonable account of it’s heritage, that’s easily gleaned by a computer geek like me.

Next would be planning the actual order of the pages.  Do I go by comarca, or by province?  Do I go region?  Catalunya, Pais Vasco, Asturias, etc.?  Or do I start with the letter A?  Do I blog it, adding a new town everyday?  Or do I webpage it?

I am thinking that if I blog it, I would start with Catalunya, since that is the area I have concentrated most of my studies thus far.


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