Spanish Autonomous communities

Spain is comprised of 17 autonomous communities:

Castile y Leon
La Rioja
Pais Vasco

With two autonomous cities in Africa:
Ceuta (Morocco)
Melilla (Morocco)

These communities harbor cultural and lingual differences that are the fundamental challenges of modern day Spain.  Many different cultures have influenced the country and placed their stamp on the land.  Neanderthal, Phoenician, Greek, Roman, Celt, Iberic, Occidental, Muslim, Judaic, etc…  The diverse influences are everywhere.  It is a nation rich in heritage.

These autonomous communities are divided further into provinces, and these are divided into comarcas, or counties which consist of the various municipalities.

Spain also has a large number of UNESCO World Heritage sites.   Forest parks and Roman ruins join walled towns and monasteries as part of a list of 44 currently designated sites.

Abandoned farmsteads litter the countryside.  Each of them are historic in their own right, but I can only list those that may have a stronger historic significance, such as an important person having lived there.  It is impossible to see everything in a lifetime, let alone a week, a month, or a year.

Lastly, there are literally thousands of churches, monasteries and hermitages, as well.  Too many to list with limited gb resources.  If you go to a town in Spain, it will have several churches (Romanesque and Gothic), a convent and a monastery somewhere nearby.  The hermitages lie nestled up in the hills.


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